TD Minnow 120SP


Big fish downunder fish are not going to know what hit them when they get a taste of the TD Minnow 120SP. Built for ultimate performance, the TD Minnow darts through the water with an erratic action that is bursting with flash and vibration

The secret to its success comes down to two things. One, TD Minnow’s precise bib design and slender profile causes the lure to track straight even when ripped, making this one of the best shallow jerk baits around. And two, featuring Daiwa’s Silent Gravity Oscillation system (S-GOS), the lure contains a tungsten weight that slides to the rear of the lure along a wire to shift the weight to the tail to achieve long distance, accurate, bullet like casts. When retrieved, the S-GOS weight shifts to a position that optimizes the wobble of the lure but when cranked hard and fast, the weight shifts to the front for increased balance and creates a knocking tone as it moves through the water.

Designed for fast actioned twitching, ripping and jerking the TD Minnow dives down to 1 metre and suspends on the pause enticing fish into striking. Offered in a number of brilliant finishes, the Daiwa TD Minnow 120SP is a must-have for any angler who enjoys bone crunching strikes for snag dwelling fish like mangrove jacks and barramundi, and but also doubles as a great long distance casting lure for pelagics like tailor, salmon and small tuna and XOS flathead on the sand flats.

Model: TD Minnow 120SP
Type: suspending
Length: 120mm
Weight: 16 grams
Depth: 1 metre