TD Vibration Woofer Type-R

The dogs of war have been unleashed with the return of the famous TD Vibration Woofer. Back and better than ever the new Woofer has received the full Type R treatment to make it more dynamic and performance driven than ever before.

Featuring a lower centre of gravity, super tuned body and improved balance, the TD Vibration Woofer Type R casts with perfect balance for maximum casting performance, and swims with Pro Tuned precision for optimum lure vibration, both on the drop and when cranked.

A weapon of mass destruction on a range of Australian freshwater native species including golden perch, Murray cod, bass and sooty grunter, the new Woofer will be equally as lethal in the salt on species such as trevally, barramundi, and fingermark.

Tuned to perfection and featuring Daiwa’s innovative SaqSas hook technology the Woofer is back and ready to attack.

Model: 106S TYPE R
Type: Sinking
Length: 65mm
Weight: 16.5g
Depth: 0-Bottom

Model: 107S TYPE R
Type: Sinking
Length: 72mm
Weight: 20g
Depth: 0-Bottom