Tournament Baby Vib 47S

Vibration baits in their many forms have gained popularity with Australian Anglers in recent times as versatile fish catching tools that can be used in a range of water depths for both reaction and finesse applications.

New to the Daiwa lure range in 2015 is the all-new Tournament Baby Vib 47S.


With a hollow plastic body, that allows the lure to sink more slowly than metal blades, the Baby Vib remains in the strike zone for longer, giving it a more natural presentation when fished against vertical structure.  The full body profile and internal rattle give the lure more presence in the water, and it sinks and retrieves with a slight “nose forward” action to avoid snagging.

The Baby Vib need not only be fished in vertical applications either.  Weighing 5.5g, they cast extremely well, and when cranked slowly over deep flats or ripped hard and fast in the shallows as a searching tool, the scalloped out leading edge of the nose of the lure, ensures that the Baby Vib tracks straight and true.

Manufactured to the exacting standards you’d expect from a Daiwa product, these lures feature an impact resistant body, 3D realistic eyes, and are internally painted in 13 lucky, fish catching colours, for an incredible lifelike finish.

Raising the bar on the quality of terminal lure trebles, Daiwa’s Baby Vib is fitted with ultra sharp DTREBLE SAQ SAS trebles straight out of the packaging.  Saq Sas hook plating has set a new standard for others to follow and increases hook penetration by up to 40%. More refined, sharper, and less prone to corrosion, these trebles enable you to hook fish with needle like precision.

The Tournament Baby Vib 47S is an extremely versatile lure. Fished vertically or used as a searching lure, it will prove deadly for a huge range of fish species not limited to freshwater species like bass and golden perch and many of our estuary species like bream, estuary perch and flathead.


  • Hollow plastic body
  • Sinking
  • Discreet rattle system
  • Ultra sharp Saq Sas trebles
  • Chip proof internal painting
  • 13 lucky colours
  • 3D realistic eyes
  • Saqsas hooks

Length: 47mm
Weight: 5.5g
Depth: 1 – 10m