Tournament Split Rings

Made in Japan from tempered high-quality stainless steel the new Tournament Split Rings are the ultimate choice for the ultimate luring experience. Light, yet incredibly strong, these hi-strength super rings are available in five different sizes and are unsurpassed in quality and performance.

Model: DT 4600 #1
Strength: 5.4kg
Qty per Packet: 20

Model: DT 4600 #2
Strength: 8.8kg
Qty per Packet: 18

Model: DT 4600 #3
Strength: 12.6kg
Qty per Packet: 16

Model: DT 4600 #4
Strength: 27.9kg
Qty per Packet: 14

Model: DT 4600 #6
Strength: 64.9kg
Qty per Packet: 10