Wise Minnow 50SP

Sharp in design, profile and performance the new Wise Minnow 50SP takes the proven attributes of the original Wise Minnow and combines it with a new suspending buoyancy to create a lure that’s destined to be a hit with both fresh and saltwater anglers.

Featuring a tungsten weight system, flat sides, stable wobble action, and offset rear eye to prevent eyelet damage on impact and line tangle on the cast, the Wise Minnow 50SP is refinement and precision in true Japanese style. Ultra realistic colors and baitfish patterns combine with superior performance to make it a must have for all serious light tackle lure anglers.

While many trout will be tempted by its wise ways, the Wise Minnow will also find a home on bream boats down south, and in the tackle boxes of EP, JP, redfin, and sooty grunter anglers throughout Australia. It’s time to wise up with the new suspending Daiwa Wise Minnow.

Model: 50SP
Type: Suspending
Length: 50mm
Weight: 3g
Depth: 1m