Zillion TWS

A leader amongst men, the Zillion baitcaster has garnered a reputation for class and reliability. A guiding light in strength, design and performance the Zillion has blazed the path for baitcaster excellence, and the release of the new Zillion shows this trait is stronger than ever.

Inspired by the reputation of its past the new TD Zillion sets the direction for the future and embraces Daiwa’s newest and most innovative design technologies, TWS and Air Rotation to set a new agenda in baitcaster brilliance.

Headlining the Zillion’s impressive design and performance is one of Daiwa’s greatest innovations, Real Four. With Real Engine, Real Control, Real Endurance, and Real Custom combining to deliver unmatched precision, power and performance. An ultra strong, alumiminim frame sees the Zillion sit assuredly and balanced in the angler’s hand, and palms beautifully for ultimate comfort and control.

Daiwa’s advanced gear design, Digigear, delivers its tell tale precision, and combines with the new Air Rotation system to create a reel that has few peers when it comes to smoothness. Silky smooth on the crank and flawless under load the Zillion is purity and precision in true Daiwa style.

reels-zillion-tws-prd1 TWS delivers unparalleled casting performance, reduces line noise and friction, and improves line control, reel stability and balance. Partnering TWS is the Zillion’s performance driven duraluminium spool, with its lighter, stronger, and faster design working in unison with TWS for ultimate casting ease and performance, for a new age in Zillion brilliance.

Casting control has never been more refined or effortless than in the new Zillion, with Daiwa’s legendary Magforce Z delivering ultimate control and precision. Magforce Z is seamless in design and flawless in performance for total casting control.

Giving you the power to take control is Daiwa’s UTD. Powerful, unyielding UTD gives you the power and poise to take control of whatever crosses your angling path.

Ultimate cranking control is available in the new Zillion with a large Swept Handle bringing the balance point of the handle closer to the centre of the reel and combines with large, super grip knobs for unmatched cranking power, balance and control.


  • Aluminium frame
  • Real Four Technology
  • Digigear
  • TWS ‘T-Wing System’
  • Magforce Z
  • Duraluminium spool
  • UTD – ultimate tournament drag
  • Long arm ratcheted Zaion star drag
  • Swept crank handle
  • Air Rotation
  • Corrosion resistant ball bearings (2 CRBB)

Perfectly matched with


Model Gear Ratio #Ball Bearings Wt. (g) Drag (Kg) Spool Capacity
100 P 5.5:1 (62cm) 9+1 [2CRBB] 215 gm 5 kg 5.4kg/135m, 6.3kg/110m, 7.2kg/90m
100 H 6.3:1 (71cm) 9+1 [2CRBB] 215 gm 5 kg 5.4kg/135m, 6.3kg/110m, 7.2kg/90m
100 HL 6.3:1 (71cm) 9+1 [2CRBB] 215 gm 5 kg 5.4kg/135m, 6.3kg/110m, 7.2kg/90m
100 HS 7.3:1 (81cm) 9+1 [2CRBB] 215 gm 5 kg 5.4kg/135m, 6.3kg/110m, 7.2kg/90m