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Essentials of Rock Fishing – Part 2

By Jamie Robley. Australia has no shortage of magnificent headlands, points and rock ledges dotted around the entire country. Not only is it possible to…

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New Presso RCS has arrived

Are you an avid trout angler? Then imagine being able to customize your new Presso, Exist or Ignis reel so it feels better, looks better…


Southern Black Bream

By Micah Adams. Had a short short session today on a nearby small lagoon full of nice sized southern black bream. Using his Hobie Pro…


Presso Rolling Crank Junior

Good things come in very small packages with the new Presso Rolling Crank Junior. Precision designed and highly refined the Junior model combines finesse style colours schemes and baitfish patterns with superb castability to deliver anglers a new ultra small snack sized crankbait option.

Beside the diminutive size, the Junior produces a high vibration and enticing tight action stands the Rolling Crank Junior out from the pack, crash diving down to a metre ensuring anglers get the lure down to the right depth quickly.

Measuring 27mm in length, 2.0 grams in weight, and diving to 1 metre this is a small crank that is designed and tuned for maximum casting performance, swimming deeper and easier than most lures of the same size.


Morethan PE SV

Power, passion, design and ultimate casting performance sums up the new Morethan, it is the pinnacle of Daiwa’s baitcaster excellence. Inspired by the reputation of the past Zillion TW, Morethan embraces Daiwa’s newest and most innovative design technologies, Magseal, TWS and Air Rotation.

Headlining the Morethan’s impressive design and performance is one of Daiwa’s greatest innovations, Real Four. With Real Engine, Real Control, Real Endurance, and Real Custom combining to deliver unmatched precision, power and performance. An ultra strong, alumiminim frame sees the reel sit assuredly and balanced in the angler’s hand, and palms beautifully for ultimate comfort and control. Continuing Daiwa’s innovation trend, Morethan features Mag Seal technology.


Gekkabijn Yogiri

Small in profile yet big in performance the Gekkabijin Yogiri is a small dog with plenty of bite. One of the best trout lures on the market the Yogiri doesn’t just have eyes for trout and is just as effective tempting bream and estuary perch in the salt, and redfin, jungle perch and bass in the fresh.

Compact in size (40mm), and featuring a high-density design, this is a lure that delivers long cast performance in a small lure package. Featuring flats sides that generate a high pitch rolling action, the Yogiri is a lure that will appeal to many and will be eaten by plenty.

Thirteen colours make up the range, ranging from the translucent iwashi and prawn patterns, through to the bolder and stronger coloured black sniper and matt shad colours that will be many anglers’ go-to lure when the water gets dark and dirty.


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