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Who remembers the Daiwa “”Aussie stick” from back somewhere in time during the mid-80’s I think?    In a time of 12 ft surf rods or…


DAIWA TECHNIQUE AND PRODUCT FOCUS: Swimbaiting for Murray Cod by Jacko Davis

Every couple of years there is a new craze technique to target a certain species, no matter what the species. Murray Cod are a great…

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DAIWA PRODUCT FOCUS: Eucumbene Spawn Run, TD Battler – Beowolf By Andrew Badullovich

I love my trout fishing, and I love it even more so when you can see your target before it bites your offering. Watching a…


Fuego CT

Lighting a new fire in the baitcaster family is the all-new Daiwa Fuego CT.

Built on a solid, frame that houses a bulletproof gearing system, the reel sits comfortably in the hand. Smooth just got smoother with Air Rotation, a new technology for the Daiwa that makes turning the handle almost effortless, with a fluid, effortless feel that says precision and performance. At the core of Air Rotation is precision designed and machined gearing, a level of refinement that makes for buttery cranking and unrivalled smoothness when under load. Air Rotation is as light as air and as smooth silk.

Magforce Z is the latest generation of Daiwa’s unique magnetic anti-backlash control for the experienced angler. It combines the best attributes of old-fashioned mechanical braking



Feel Alive, Feel the excitement,  Feel the power

 The “big one” slowly appears from the depths…….You take a deep breath…your lungs fill with the salty air……

The anticipation makes your heart beat faster……The feeling of power and excitement….it surges through your body

With a push of a lever, the reel engages, the feeling of ultimate power between man, machine and monster … and so, let the battle begin!

 Feel the Evolution, Feel the Monster.


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