Silver Wolf Z Interline Rods

Inspired! Technically refined! Supremely bold! Silver Wolf puts you in control with technique specific, high-end Bream rods, with technology to feel. Designed for the Australian Enthusiast Bream Angler, with strong Japanese cues and grounded in Japanese Chinu Shoregame culture, Silver Wolf is #daiwaXbream

In addition to the nine Silver Wolf AGS rods, this series sees the re-introduction of Daiwa’s revolutionary light tackle Interline technology, using the latest SVF carbon that has maximum graphite density and is incredibly light and sensitive. The previous iteration of Interline, released in 2009, became popular with Australian Bream anglers, and utilised a unique guideless design that eliminated tangles and delivered perfect blank curve, strength and unparalleled sensitivity. The new Silver Wolf-Z 662ULFS and 762LFS interlines are all of that, but now with a crispness in the blank not realised previously.

Silver Wolf-Z Interline will change the way you fish. The line runs internally through the centre of the blank, distributed evenly along a raised spiral structure that has up to 200 linear contact points where the line is in direct contact with the carbon blank. Compared to a traditional guided rod that is in contact with the blank only through the guides, Interline rods are inherently more sensitive.

When coated with Daiwa’s Hyper Dry technology, the raised internal spiral structure becomes extremely smooth, reducing contact with the inner wall of the blank and preventing water droplets on the line interfering with the line flow during the cast. The result, when combined with Silicon entrance and exit guides, is line that discharges on the cast, with the same smooth running flow as a conventional guided rod, but with the additional benefits that can only be afforded using Interline Technology:

  • Interlines have an extremely smooth bending curve. Unlike standard guided rods, that create an uneven segmented curve with high stress points, Interline rods bend evenly with no stress points resulting in maximum blank strength.
  • Being guideless, the rod tip is completely tangle free and provides equal performance at any angle
  • There is no additional weight from the guides on the blank ensuring the rods true action is achieved
  • Normal external guides create high friction and torque at the contact point on the guide. With up to 200 individual contact points internally, friction and stress are distributed more evenly providing smoother retrieves, ultra smooth drag pressure and friction free casting.

The new generation Silver Wolf-Z Interlines are like no other. Similar to their predecessors, they do away with external guides and use an internal raised spiral blank to deliver unprecedented sensitivity and put an end to tangling. A consolidation of Daiwa’s most advanced rod innovations, combined with supremely bold cosmetics, Silver Wolf-Z interlines are the most technical Bream rod available, designed specifically for the Australian Enthusiast Bream angler. More sensitive, more precise and about as close to perfection as you will ever feel, Silver Wolf is #daiwaXbream


  • SVF
  • Linear Interline
  • Hyper Dry Technology
  • Ratcheted surround hold reel seats
  • Air Foam grips
  • Custom designed alloy components
  • Silicone entrance and exit guides
Model Type Sections Length Action Taper Cast Weight Line Rating
RONIN 662ULFS-I Spin 2 198 cm Ultra Light Fast 1 - 4 gm 1 - 3 kg
YUUDAI 762LFS-I Spin 2 229 cm Light Fast 2 – 8 gm 2 - 4 kg