Daiwa continues to set the standard with the release of its newest baitcaster reel, the head turning, feature-packed, ultra tough Tatula. Designed to meet the durability and performance requirements of the pro angler Tatula offers a rugged gear train, fully supported within rigid aluminium housing.

Loaded with proven technologies, Real Four, Digigear, Magforce Z and UTD (Ultimate Tournament Drag) the all new Tatula takes baitcaster reel design to a new level with the introduction of Air Rotation, new generation TWS “T-Wing System, and a super tuned large capacity spool.

Cutting edge technology, unrivalled design and a price point to impress combine to make the Tatula a must-have for all serious baitcaster lovers. Pick it up, spin the handle, the ultra smooth feel of the precision and quality is unmistakable, and unmistakably Daiwa.

At the heart of the Tatula is the finest of Daiwa’s designs and innovations – Real Four.

Real Four  – Real Engine, Real Control, Real Endurance, and Real Custom combine to make Tatula technically advanced and a pleasure to use. A precision designed solid aluminium frame and gear side plate delivers maximum power and unrivalled durability, while the ergonomically designed reel profile fits effortlessly in the palm of the hand. Tatula’s body design supports your fishing style with more sensitivity, control and power.

Cranking comfort is essential for control and power and Tatula utilizes Daiwa’s swept hand design. The 90mm handle delivers maximum cranking power while its swept handle brings the cranking handle closer to the reel’s centre of balance allowing for increased balance, power and comfort. Super sized non-slip paddle knobs and a large armed ratcheted star drag further enhance the reel’s ergonomic and adjustment and cranking capabilities.

The TWS or T-Wing System first released on the T3 represented a huge leap forward in line control with its unparalleled engineering delivering improved casting performance and line control, a reduction in line noise and friction, and greater reel stability and balance. A flawless design that shattered the concept of traditional levelwind systems and set a new standard when it came to line guides.


The Tatula has taken this successful system and gives it a twist. The pop up front plate of the original TWS is a thing of the past with Tatula featuring a moving TWS line guide that pivots forward and back between the cast and retrieve position. Simple, strong and ultra reliable the new T-Wing System delivers all the advantages of its predecessor with a modern take on simplicity and ease.

Air Rotation

Smooth just got smoother with Air Rotation, a new technology for the Daiwa that makes turning the handle almost effortless, with a fluid, effortless feel that says precision and performance.

At the core of Air Rotation is precision designed and machined gearing, a level of refinement that makes for buttery cranking and unrivalled smoothness when under load. Air Rotation is as light as air and as smooth silk.

Magforce Z & UTD

Magforce Z is the latest generation of Daiwa’s unique magnetic anti-backlash control for the experienced angler. It combines the best attributes of old-fashioned mechanical braking with today’s advanced magnetic braking technology, and easily adjusts to any skill level to control backlash. With Magforce Z spool start up is faster and the spool spins longer. Tatula takes Magforce Z one step further, with a twenty increment magnetic cast control dial giving anglers even more precision and control.

With a big motor comes the need for some serious brakes and Daiwa’s legendary UTD- Ultimate Tournament Drag has all the stopping power you’ll need to muscle the toughest fish. With 6kg of drag pressure available the Tatula is the reel to handle any fish that’s thrown at it and it does it with silky smooth braking power.

Spool Design

Big on features the Tatula delivers anglers one of the widest spools ever seen in a baitcaster of its size. The wider spool delivers improved castability due to line being able to more freely unwind from the spool. This is further enhanced by the T-Wing System with the wide “casting area” of the T-Wing allowing unrestricted line flow. The wide spool of the Tatula combined with T-Wing’s wider aperture means a reduction in line angles, line friction, and backlashes and a vast improvement in casting performance. The all new Tatula has set a new standard in casting excellence.

The Models

With a host of models available in the range there’s a Tatula to satisfy any angler. From the slow cranking power of the 100P to the high speed capabilities of the 100HS and the super tuned Type R 100H there’s a reel tailor made for getting the job done.

Innovative design, advanced technologies, and rugged construction combine to make the Tatula one of the hottest reels in the Daiwa range.

New innovations and unparalleled designs, it’s what you’ve come to expect from the world leader in fishing tackle.


  • Real Four Technology
  • Digigear
  • Magforce Z
  • UTD – ultimate tournament drag
  • Aluminium frame and side plate (gear side)
  • Long arm ratcheted star drag
  • 90mm Swept crank handle
  • TWS “T-Wing System”
  • Air Rotation
  • Corrosion resistant clutch mechanism
Model Gear Ratio #Ball Bearings Wt. (g) Drag (Kg) Spool Capacity
100P 5.4 (58cm) 7+1 225 6 5.4kg/135m, 7.2kg/90m
100H 6.3 (67cm) 7+1 225 6 5.4kg/135m, 7.2kg/90m
100HL 6.3 (67cm) 7+1 225 6 5.4kg/135m, 7.2kg/90m
100HS 7.3 (77cm) 7+1 225 6 5.4kg/135m, 7.2kg/90m