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AGS Commander Electric Strawberry Spawn Run Brown Trout- Josh Carpenter

April and May are when the temperature quickly cools off but that fires up the most epic run of Brown Trout seen in Australia.

I have been chasing this run for a few years now and there are definitely a few key things to maximising the small window of time you have. First and foremost is the fact that you are chasing fish that are commonly between 4 to 7 pounds and fish over 10lbs are a definite possibility for those who put in the time. You need very sensitive rods to detect the bites but if they are too stiff you will pull the small hooks you are using.

My favourite in past years was the AGS Ajing but I think the AGS Commander Electric Strawberry will replace it this year. I cannot fault my “Strawberry”. It handles throwing Yogiris in small water with ease but is also perfect for throwing a larger lure like the Presso Minnow and the new TD Minnow Silent and so far has thrown egg and nymph rigs with two small split shots as far as is needed.


Finding a rod that can do these things is easy but as I mentioned getting your lure out there is only half the battle. Keeping the hooks in your trophy is the other half and the “Strawberry’s” slower action allows for the head lunges a large fish has, cushioning them and keeping those tiny hooks in place.

An AGS Commander Electric Strawberry can do this because the guides are so much lighter than normal metal guides. A slower action rod with metal guides will recoil and wobble which stifles casting distance, especially with light things like Yogiris or nymph rigs. The only way to counter this “recoil” is to make the action of a metal guided very fast with a soft tip which is fine until you hook that monster Trout on a size 14 hook.

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