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IP Policy


Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy

Last updated February 2021


Regarding Idea Proposals from Customers

GLOBERIDE, Inc. (hereinafter, “the Company”) is always conducting unique research and development. We amass ideas and technical knowledge based on these activities.

We refrain from accepting idea proposals from customers. This is in order to avoid restrictions on the Company’s research and development activities by accepting such proposals, as well as to prevent future misunderstandings and problems that may arise between customers and the Company.

If a customer makes a proposal regardless of the above policy, we will handle the situation in the following manner.

(1) The Company will not consider or evaluate the proposal whatsoever.

(2) The Company will not bear any responsibility for confidentiality of the proposal.

(3) A customer who makes a proposal shall be deemed to have waived all of his/her rights to the proposal contents.

(4) Even if the Company’s products and services are the same as, or similar to the proposal contents, the Company will not bear any responsibility therefor including the payment of compensation.

(5) The Company will not bear any responsibility for returning materials or attachments pertaining to the proposal.

We value our customers and greatly appreciate your understanding regarding this policy.