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Aird LT and Legalis Rod

By Mark Gercovich

If you're looking for a budget priced outfit that comes in under $200, that not only performs well and looks the goods, it's hard to go past the Daiwa Aird LT reel matched to the new Legalis rods. 

From when they were very young my boys realised the orange reels were “really good”, (i.e. my TD Sols) and as much as I tried to keep their grubby mitts off them, they always gravitated towards them. Whilst the Aird LT is not in the price range of the Sol, aesthetically it still looks like an “awesome Daiwa” reel. The bright orange glow of the body with the matt black trim looks like a far more expensive reel.

The fact that son number 2 thought his new Legalis was a TD commander also speaks volumes for how attractive a package it looks for a very budget price. But like the Aird LT, despite this budget price, it performs like a much more expensive rod. It has an even action through the blank with just enough sensitivity in the tip but plenty of lifting backbone at the rear.  


The impressive versatility of a combo made of a 3000 Aird LT reel matched to a  6101MLXS Legalis rod that my youngest son has been using recently has been exceptional. He has used it to knock over all manner of species, using a variety of techniques over the past summer. From catching hard pulling big salmon and rat kings on top to then jigging up solid pinkies below, the outfit has certainly handled some pressure.

It then has transferred well to the sweetwater, catching everything from decent mulloway to bream and even freshwater blackfish. Not everyone can have multiple expensive outfits to cover every angling situation, so if you are looking for something that will handle a lot of different scenarios, looks good, but will not break the bank, have a look at a 3000 Aird LT matched to a  6101MLXS Legalis.


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