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Baby Vibe – Micah Adams

With the softening of the hugely successful metal blades or vibes on southern bream, Daiwa’s release of their new Tournament Baby Vibe 47s comes at exactly the right time. While the blades have been so good for so long, they are beginning to go a little quite, especially amongst the ranks of Victoria’s best tournament breamers.

Yesterday I took a full selection of the the baby vibe with me to Mallacoota knowing the bream are currently in a transition between summertime shallow water and the winter deep water finesse fishing. My plan was to trial the new vibes from Daiwa and success wasn’t far away. Using my preferred Battler Beowolf rod, Aegis reel, Tournament Hyper PE braid and 4lb Fluoro leader, I tied on the vibe that to me looked an obvious choice – the Matt Shad which is the trusty olive colour with the all important orange belly.


At first my retrieve was the familiar sharp hop that is so effective on metal blades but the action was slow, so I thought about the shape and movement of the lure I was trialling and started using short but subtle lifts of the vibe off the bottom at regular intervals. Essentially, I was just slowly walking the lure off the bottom and back again all the way to the boat.

I found the bream schooled in quite shallow water. A subtle drop off from three to five feet and stayed on them all day. The revised technique worked an absolute treat and allowed me to catch a great number of quality black bream.

During the time, I sampled a range of other options including slow rolling the very successful crank baits and finesse fishing a single tail soft plastic but nothing worked even close to the new vibe.


At one stage, two other boats planed right up to me (in the middle of nowhere), stopped and began fishing for half an hour (I wasn’t too impressed). They didn’t hook a single fish in that time while I boated another eight nice bream!

Slow ‘hopping’ the new Daiwa vibes works a treat, and the vibing season is just starting now!

Check out Tournament Baby Vib’s here.

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