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Black Label V2 642ULFS

Review by Andrew Blyth.

In this day and age the market is filled with rods for any style of fishing you want to do. Some of these rods are good and some are, well not so good. Then there is a category of rods that are brilliant at what they have been designed to do. With the amount of rods currently on the market you would think that this group of rods would be a lot larger, but as I said we are not talking about rods that are good we are talking about rods that are brilliant. In the past month or so I have added a rod to this elite group. A rod that I thought was so good that I currently own three of them, and to be honest am considering purchasing a fourth.

The rod that I am referring to and most importantly the rod that I have not been able to put down since I was lucky enough to get my hands on it, is the Black Label 642ULFS.

black-label-v2-pic2 black-label-v2-pic1

The Daiwa Black Label name has been synonymous with quality since its inception. The 642ULFS is no exception to this. The characteristics of this rod really lend itself to the light tackle style of fishing that is so popular in Australia. I have found this rod to be a perfect match to casting lightly weighted soft plastics at structure and small light crankbaits such as the Presso rolling crank. The length of this rod at 6’4” I find gives a perfect combination of distance and accuracy. If I want to make a longer cast over a sand flat I can, but if I want to cast a slightly weighted soft plastic at a pontoon this is where the 64ULFS really comes into its own.


I find the slightly slower taper on this blank has a fantastic cushioning effect – this is vital when fishing lures with fine, sharp sticky trebles where a light hook up may occur. If the fish makes an un-expected run or turn, the blank taper really assists in keeping pulled hooks to a minimum. While the blank is slightly slower in its taper it is still incredibly accurate and responsive.
When the rod is loaded it still remains true to form due to some market leading rod technology exclusive to Daiwa, being 3DX, HVF and X45. The combination of these three technologies makes this an extremely light weight and responsive rod. Previously these technologies were reserved for rods twice this price.


Those familiar with the original range of Black Label rods will notice a slightly revised and updated split cork grip which still includes the comfortable surround hold reel seat. This rod features the new Fuji KR series of guides. This has been a revision by Fuji from the first highly popular K series. The KR guide has been specifically designed as a light tackle specific guide which is perfect for this style of rod. New angles and guide heights ensure that the ‘tangle free’ design is retained and even improved.


This rod has fast become one of my favourites and I think will always have a place on the front deck of my boat. It is a true finesse rod, dangerously perfect in its design and style and completely fitting of its Black label name.

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