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DAIWA FISHING TIPS: 3 reasons why you MUST own shallow & mid crank baits – Chris Seeto

To follow up Beginners Luck: 3 Reasons Why You’d Always Use Deep Crank Baits? There are 3 equally good reasons why you MUST own shallow and mid crank baits. Who doesn’t love having a few more crank baits in their collection anyway.

The shallow or mid crank bait are a necessary bait for any serious angler in their tackle box. Diving from 0 metres down to 1 metre, the shallow crank offers a few handy attributes for getting those bites. Although deep crank baits are great for dragging through sand and weed or bouncing over rocks and logs, sometimes staying in the zone is more important.

Floating structure offers a unique challenge, there can be plenty of vegetation growing that attracts the fish. Fishing a deep crank bait in this scenario will actually move your bait away from the structure, the strike zone and the fish. Fishing a shallow crank bait will keep the lure as close to the structure, improving the chances of hooking the fish. Whether it’s a pontoon or boat hull, a shallow crank will keep you in the zone.

Shallow crankbaits 01


Staying below the floating structure is just as important as staying above weed and bottom vegetation. Dredging your lure through this type of obstacle can often mean spending more time pulling weed out of your trebles than getting your casts in. The shallow crank bait is best use when just ticking the top of the weed, being close enough to the fish, yet not getting fouled up.

Surface fishing is a great method of catching fish. There is something exciting about seeing the fish investigating your presentation. The wake bait is a useful tool that is a little different to the surface stick bait or popper style lure. Working with a similar action to a crank bait, the wake bait works only millimetres under the water, sometimes breaching the surface and would not be remotely possible using a deep diving crank bait.

Deep diving or shallow diving, these are two styles of bait that are relevant to two separate situations. Having the shallow diving baits can open up your ability to stay in the zone. Like any aspect of fishing, having a wide variety of colours and brands will help to have the right colour, action and shape for the day.

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