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DAIWA FISHING TIPS: Kids Fishing – Connecting with RCS – Leigh Fleet

We all know how important it is to keep children entertained when fishing. Sharing a passion with your son or daughter will only enhance the experience. I always try to keep it interesting yet simple when fishing with my family so this blog focuses on those two things and a sure-fire way of catching some Bream.

Children these days love to customise things, the games they play, electronic devices, their bikes etc. You may not be aware but Daiwa have an extensive range of customisable parts called RCS or Real Custom System.  These parts are designed to maximize the performance of specific Daiwa reels and they just look great with cool colours and designs to pimp out and upgrade entry level to high end enthusiast reels. For an upcoming weekend away with the family I decided to get my son a nice affordable combo and to spend a little extra and simply customise the handles for a cool new look.

Matching a Phantom X 702LFS with a REVROS DX 2000H and a spool of 6lb J-Braid we set about loading the line onto the combo and swapped out the handle, it’s a simple process and time well spent together. To say he was excited is an understatement. A simple uni to uni knot to connect your braid to a 6lb leader and a uni knot to a size 4 hook and we were off.

Kids RCS 01

We often throw small lures and soft plastics to catch bream but as you will know it takes a certain level of skill to consistently catch, even for the expert angler. Often to keep the activity going, we simply use bread or chicken (cooked or uncooked). Bream cannot refuse these offerings they just love it! Using small unweighted hooks, we fish land based around tight urban structure like bridge pylons, jetties or wharves. Bream hang super tight to this structure so often if your presentation is not in super close they will not come out to look at it.

When using bread simply roll it into small tightly packed balls and put it on the tip of the hook. Make sure the drag is firmly set. We often let the bream run for a few seconds when they take the bait, and then just load the rod, do not strike as this will often pull the hook out of their mouth.Kids RCS 02


Even at a young age, try to teach your children good angling basics when they are hooked up to a fish.  Things like appropriate rod angles, when to let the fish run or how to try and steer a fish in a certain direction. Hopefully we can share our passion with the next generation of anglers and in the meantime enjoy a truly rewarding experience with our children which will ensure you hear those magic words “this is fun”.Kids RCS 03

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