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DAIWA FISHING TIPS: Peddle Power Landbased Fishing – Max Sinton

Living on the Sunshine Coast I’m fortunate to have many opportunities to indulge my passion for fishing. Its something my friends and I like to do together on weekends or after school when ever we can. We have plenty of river systems, canals and beaches to choose from, but I’m to young to drive so its peddle power all the way there!!

Depending on where I am going to fish and what species I am targeting, preparing the right gear is part of the fun. If I am targeting estuary species such as bream, flathead and trevally I like to use light tackle spin outfits such as the phantom X and revros combo with some 4 to 8lb J-braid. The lures I use to catch these fish Is dependant on the conditions on any particular day.

Peddle power Landbased fishing 01

I feel very lucky to have some great spots within riding distance from home where I can go and catch good quality fish. It is something I love to do even if I’m on my own. There is nothing I love more then finding some great new spots and catching fish there. This mangrove jack was caught in one of my favourite places to fish not far from my house. Although I would normally use heavier gear to catch mangrove jack, I caught this one on the same light gear.

Going on trips and holidays to places I have never fished before is something fun and exciting and can lead to fish that you may have never caught before and fishing styles that you may have never tried. So get out there and have a go!!!

Peddle power Landbased fishing 02

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