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Many successful anglers are very in tuned with how natural forces effect like wind, tides, run-off and seasonal changes affect their piscatorial pursuits. Sometimes however taking notice of maybe more simple man-made influences can also be important. The installation of that new light that now shines on the water and attracts bait fish, by product from recreational or professional fishing ventures, warm water coming from power station/factory or simply a place where people feed birds also attracting fish can be all things that, if noticed can produced some good fishing.


The by product from a recreational fishing scenario has been one such man-made occurrence that has been providing some family fun action over the past couple of seasons.   With the booming SBT fishery occurring in the South West of Victoria, even with the installation of bins for the frames at most ramps, there is enough tuna blood and bits that enter the water when the tuna are on to attract a wide variety of sea life. Annoying seals and billiard table sized skates and rays produce a visual spectacle whilst a variety of fish species from tiny bait sized fish to some quite respectable ones take up residence as well. Whether you are collecting bait species for your own future offshore or live bait sessions, or simply taking young anglers down to experience some fun there is often schools of yelloweye mullet, silver trevally, salmon and bream present; particularly when coinciding with a high tide. Preparation is minimal and simple, a great lesson for the youngsters, with light tackle, small hooks and lightly presented baits doing the trick and providing plenty of action.


The best bait is super convenient, with a fresh tuna frame providing plenty of flesh for small baits even if the most fastidious filleter has removed the fillets. It is also a good lesson to make sure that kids have access to equipment that can effectively fish light line and light bait but then can also handle the rigors of hooking a decent fish and give the youngster a chance of landing that fish. Poor quality gear leads to frustration due to lack of bites and success. Daiwa has plenty of pre-mounted combos and rods and reels like the Laguna and Revros that are perfect for giving young anglers gear that is good to use without breaking the budget. Hanging around the local ramps and jetties flicking lightly weighted baits and lures round is great fun for young and old jetty rats alike.

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