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Upon unboxing the new BG 4000 reel, the most noticeable thing was the solid ‘old school’ feel and distinct hints of its historical black and gold heritage, dating back to the mid-1970s. After screwing the handle in and cranking the reel though, it immediately became obvious the engineering inside is very much from the modern era.

The precision cut Digigear system and multiple bearing drive train deliver exceptional smoothness that we’ve come to expect from higher end reels. These days however, advanced technology found on models like the Certates and Saltigas has filtered through to reels like the BG range and you can definitely notice it.


Another new feature is the ATD drag system, which I found to be amongst the smoothest I’ve ever come across. Initial drag start up is like a cushioning effect, so there’s less chance of those bust offs which occasionally occur when a big, angry fish suddenly hits hard and takes off.

The gear ratio on the BG 4000 is 5.7:1 which is ideal for a wide range of applications. A ratio like this borders on high speed, so it’s definitely fast enough for cranking lures for speedy pelagics such as bonito or mack tuna, while still retaining the power of a slightly slower ratio. In other words, it’s a multi-purpose reel, suitable for all manner of bait and lure fishing techniques.

I’ve put the BG 4000 to work from my local rocks and beaches for the likes of tailor and salmon, but it would also hold great appeal to offshore anglers targeting snapper, kingfish, trevally and the like. Despite its sleek appearance, this is sure to gain a reputation as a ‘work horse’ reel.


There are eight different sizes in the BG range, all sporting a similar gear ratio and the same robust construction. So everything from bream, bass and trout through to mulloway, tuna and sharks is covered and they’re the sort of reel that’s suitable for braid or mono line. With such a combination of good looks and features at a very affordable price bracket, the BG reels really hit the spot!

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