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Product Focus: Black Label V2 642ULFS

Written by Dale Baxter. One of my favourite ways to chase bream out of the kayak is sight casting to pontoons and pylons. It is highly addictive, challenging and very, very rewarding watching a fish take a lure right in front of you and apart from surface fishing is definitely one of the most visual too.

This is probably why it is so addictive, being able to see fish feeding or holding on structure, then present a lure in just the right spot and watch them follow it or even take the lure in front you certainly gets the heart racing and wanting more.


I have found over the years that catch rates and quality of fish depend on a few key things. These are the choice of lure, the line but most importantly above all else is the presentation of the lure to the structure and the key to delivering this is the rod you use. I have used lengths from 6’ up to 7’2” and keep finding that my favourite length for fishing this way is around the 6’3” or 6’4” and these are my go to rods for this style of fishing.

I have recently be using the Black Label V2 – 642ULFS – Which translates to Black Label version 2 – 6ft 4in 2 piece – Ultra light Fast Spinning, 2 pieces great for travelling. At 6’4” a reasonably short rod it allows you to be very accurate with casting and because it is close quarter combat, distance is never going to be a problem. The tip of the rod is very sensitive and you can feel the most subtle of taps which usually end up in a hook up. Once loaded up it has a balance of strength in the bottom end to be able to extract fish however it is forgiving enough to keep that pressure on without pulling hooks.


The blank has all the technologies you would expect from a Daiwa rod comprising, HVF Carbon, 3DX, X45 and Bias Wrap technologies. All of these technologies combined allow it to built stronger and lighter with a greater sensitivity. Line management is determined by Fuji SIC K design guides allowing for tangle free casting and ultimate sensitivity. The grip is a a combination of Daiwa’s Surround hold reel seat and premium cork finish with a split grip. One thing I really like about this is that overall handle length including the split grip is not too long, which makes casting in the kayak a whole lot easier and even more accurate.


It will handle throwing small lures like unweighted plastics, micro vibes and stick minnows up to larger crab and cranks, all the while giving you complete control over the presentation which will result in more hook ups and hopefully more fish landed.

The Black label range represent great value for money so next time your in store have a look at them and see for yourself or check the full range and specs out.

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