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Product Focus: Black Label V2 6432 ULFS

Written by Mark Gerkovich. A combination of very low rainfall and spending a fair time in the northern states last winter season saw me spend very little time fishing the local rivers and streams, something I was super keen to reacquaint myself with this season. In these fast paced days of technology and innovation (even when fishing) there is something special about packing light and trekking along a river bank in search of fish. With a bit of decent rainfall reinvigorating the rivers the fishing hasn’t disappointed. My trusty companion this season has been a Black Label V2 6432 ULFS and, like the fishing, has impressed on the local freshwater EP, bream and trout.


Matched with a Freams Z 2000, the combination is super light in the hand when in use.  However the feeling of structural security and solidity the rod emits doesn’t make you feel it’s too delicate, and in grave danger of breaking, as you bash along river banks or throw it in and out of the car as you travel between spots. Important factors to consider when embarking on this sort of fishing. Some superlight trout style rods can also be a bit ‘noodly’ to use but with a crisp action the 6432 ULFS is perfect for punching accurate casts into tight areas or along a parallel weed bank. It also has enough backbone to keep a big thrashing browns head up or stopping a FW Ep diving back home.

There is also just something just ingrown, old school and aesthetically pleasing about having a cork grip for one’s stream trout rod and the Black Label V2, with its triple A grade cork grips has this. However its design, look and feel is distinctly modern; it just looks great and feels great to fish with.


After years of being a one piece rod man, particularly for light lure casting, I have definitely been converted recently by some of the new Daiwa travel rods and the Black Label V2 6432 ULFS is no exception. When using them there is little discernible about the fact that it’s a 3 piece rod you have in your hand, yet you have the flexibility of folding it all down when the need requires. I’m sure we all know of a business trip, conference or supposedly ‘family’ trip where there’s a little sneaky waterway nearby.   Packed away in its attractive and unobtrusive hard case the Black Label V2 6432 ULFS is there ready to swing into action as soon as the window of piscatorial opportunity opens!

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