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DAIWA PRODUCT FOCUS: Bold & Beautiful Certate 16 By Andrew Badullovich

I’m fresh off the water after a shoot for Daiwa’s, The Next Level series of fishing documentaries. During the shoot, I was fortunate enough to trial the new Certate 16, and just want to exclaim my delight with this superb spinning reel!

The word, “Certate” is typically heard among the fishing fraternity as it is quite popular and often the reel of choice for most leading tournament and recreational anglers. Personally, I enjoy using all of Daiwa’s spin reels; however, I certainly do have a soft spot for the quality and splendour of the ever-reliable Certate.

cerate 4

I’m so excited to inform you that the new Certate 16 models are even better than the former work horses! Not only have the new models received a cosmetic make-over, they are also crammed full of new and leading edge technology. Firstly I’m going to praise the Mag Seal technology! The C16 boasts not only magsealed protection for its internal gearing, but also conveys magsealed ball bearing too. More importantly, the bail arm roller bearing is now magsealed, which provides protection to the reel’s first point of contact with water. The bail arm roller is responsible for so many things; and in my belief, needs to be the strongest part of the reel to ensure line performance and longevity. I’m also ecstatic about the inclusion of a magsealed bearing where the handle enters the body of the reel. This is one area where water penetration was possible if the bearings were not regularly serviced; however, water penetration in this area is now a thing of the past. The new C16 cranks so smoothly, and I’m confident that it will crank smoothly for even longer after the inclusion of the additional magsealed ball bearings. C16 is also the first Daiwa reel to receive the all new AIR ROTOR, which is lighter and stronger than ever. This may not sound like a necessary feature; however, it is a welcome inclusion if you require the ultimate in sensitivity. I love to know what my lure is doing out there in the water during the retrieve, and I am able to monitor my lure’s movements and action via the vibration transmitted through the AIR ROTOR. A small feature; nonetheless, one that is so important to me. There are so many other features incorporated into the new Certate 16, – and I recommend that you check them out via the Daiwa website so this blog doesn’t read like an advertisement. I merely mentioned the Mag seal and AIR ROTOR components of the C16 as they appeal strongly to me.


So…how does the C16 perform? Well I know this sounds cliché, but the C16 is by far the best reel I have used. Smooth as silk, exception drag system, perfect line lay onto the spool…need I go on? I’m a fan of 2500 size spin reels, and am stoked that the C16 2500 comes in four different models, the 2500, 2506, 2508PE, and 2510PE-H. This now means that all your favourite fishing strategies that coincide with a 2500 size spin can be covered more precisely with a technique specific model. The old, “one size fits all” policy can now be abolished, with C16 covering everything from finessing the flats to prying brutes from structure…all with one familiar sized reel.

The very sexy Certate 16 was matched with a variety of Black Label rods during my recent, The Next Level shoot, and I found them to complement each other beautifully. The C16 may exceed some angler’s budget; however, you need to consider spending the bucks if you demand quality and performance. I guarantee you won’t put this reel back on the shelf after cranking its handle!


Which reel to purchase?

2500 – Holds a lot of line, and great for chasing line-burning species or targeting fish in deep water. Boasts 7kg of drag.

2506 – The finesse model, and perfect for straight through fluorocarbon or fishing for soft mouth fish species. Light and sensitive with 3kg of drag.

2508PE – the “knock em over” model. Perfect for fishing structure or close quarters where excessive line capacity is not required. Like the 2500 model, it boasts 7kg of drag, but holds less line for added sensitivity.

2510PE-H – the high speed machine. This model conveys a retrieve ratio of 5.6:1 which enables you to crank 84cm of line onto the spool with one revolution of the handle. This is a handy attribute when cranking power is required, or extra speed is needed for retrieving line quickly.


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