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Product Focus: J Braid X4 - Be An Even Stronger Fighter!

Written by Jesse Rotin. There’ s no doubt in saying that braid is the way to go for many applications, but its not hard to get lost in extensive range of current and new braids on the market. Some anglers chase thin diameter braid, while others favour multi-coloured braid for jigging purposes. No matter what braid you may be chasing, always take the time to choose the right one because at the end of the day, that is what is connecting you to your target species.

Since the first arrival of Daiwa’s J-Braid X8 to the market, I’ve had the opportunity to run this great line on not only a range of species but also a number of different techniques too. Anything from chasing Bream in the local waterways, to current running Whiting and stalking stream Trout. I can happily say that I’ve been pleased with the results.

Great casting abilities, thin diameter and pure strength are all strong factors on what makes J-Braid a popular line. For the quality that J-braid 8X provides, Daiwa have now released the New J-Braid 4X which is helpful for any angler who may be chasing an affordable but top line.

The J-braid 4X is a soft, supple and round profile 4 ply weave of polyethylene (PE), hence the 4X. Rising water temperatures, brought upon by Spring and Summer attracts many of our popular inshore species. Snapper and Whiting are favourites of mine and become a high priority at this time of the year. On a recent trip to Westernport Bay, I ran an outfit spooled with the J-braid X4 for both these species and can strongly say that I’m happy with the way it stand’s up.



For any one who has ever fought Snapper up through a few knots of current, would know that it can be quite a challenge to retrieve this high bodied species. On this particular session there were no issues boating a few reds up to the 6kg mark.

Whiting are a very smart and crafty fish which can pinch your bait in the blink of an eye. In the same session only one of 20 whiting was missed and I put this end down to the sharp sensitivity given through the J-braid 4X.

The next time you are in the market for a quality affordable braid, look no further than Daiwa’s latest J-braid range.



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