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Do you believe in love at first sight??

Whether it’s people or material things, it’s funny to know when you first lay your eyes on something, that little emotion triggers in your brain to say ‘I’m going to love this’.

I have been fortunate enough to experience this recently. After consulting many people on their opinions about our extensive range of rods for targeting light game, I was after a rod that suited my style. Something long enough for throwing cranks on flats and short enough for me to twitch light topwater lures and slender jerkbaits. After days of deliberation, the search narrowed down to one model, the TD Commander Electric Strawberry.


Only a certain amount of research can be done on the internet, reading cheesy reviews (from a guy like me!) or hearing it from your mates but it is not until you get that rod in your hand then you just know ‘this is the one’. For me it was that exact emotion that I got when I first picked up the Electric Strawberry that my search was all but over. Standing a 6’10, it’s feel exceeded expectation. The AGS carbon guides complement the regular acting blank perfectly giving it enough crispness to punch out long casts on flats without creating too much stiffness to compromise your hookset when fighting fish.


I recently took this rod to the ABT tour events in Victoria to test it’s charisma against the black bream of down south to see whether the love for this rod was true or was only merely lust. Matched with a 2506 sized reel spooled with 10lb braid and 5lb leader, the outfit withstood a barrage of bream specimens with each battle reassuring me this one was a keeper!!

I’m not going to bore you with the list of features for the Electric Strawberry or a sales pitch on why you should buy this rod but I will leave you with this, if you believe in love at first sight, you won’t be disappointed.

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