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DAIWA PRODUCT FOCUS: One Ballistic Reel Ballistic EX 2000 - Andrew Badullovich

The Ballistic EX 2000 is one of those special reels that I have become particularly fond of. It’s not expensive, and performs well above its price-tag. It’s packed with high-end features and looks superb on any rod you decide to marry it to. Magseal is one such feature that the Ballistic EX boasts, and it definitely enhances the reel’s overall performance. Magseal is the way of the future when it comes to protecting the internal gears from dust and water penetration. The good news is, Magseal is now being included in a lot of the mid-range reels, such as Ballistic EX. Once upon a time, great features like the above mentioned were only delivered among the “high-end” reels.


The Ballistic EX retrieve ratio of 5.6:1 is absolutely perfect for skittering surface lures across the top for whiting, and boasts versatility should you require an effortless and hasty retrieve during a windy drift whilst crank-baiting the flats. On cranking…this reel is an absolute dream! The Ballistic EX boasts 10 ball bearings and waterproof drag, which ensures that this reel is smooth as silk. Another added bonus is, this reel has 4kg of drag pressure as opposed to most of its 2000 sized counterparts which have 2kg of drag pressure. This means you are able to dish out a little more stick, whilst using a smaller reel.


I have given my Ballistic EX 2000 an absolute flogging, and it is still performing flawlessly. Even though I’d expect it to withstand the punishment that I’ve inflicted upon it…I’m still overly impressed with its overall performance. I hope this reel stays amongst the Daiwa range for quite some time, as its quickly becoming a favourite of mine.

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