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Who remembers the Daiwa “”Aussie stick” from back somewhere in time during the mid-80’s I think?    In a time of 12 ft surf rods or 5 foot boat rods it was a great mid-sized all-rounder and something quite unique at the time. As a kid what I liked about it was that it was light enough for me to use (and light enough in the tip to feel sensitive bites), but strong and big enough to cast off the beach and to lift decent fish up onto a pier. Well today we are blessed with a wide variety of rods for every application imaginable and, like the old Aussie stick, the 902 M Sensor Sandstorm is a great all-round rod that can be used in many different angling scenarios.


For the surf angler who likes an active approach to their angling the 902 M Sensor Sandstorm is a perfect fit. Wandering a beach throwing metal slices is a great way to spend a day, a productive way of locating the fish and just a downright fun way of catching beach favourites like salmon and tailor. The 902 M Sensor Sandstorm is perfect for this application. Nice and light to constantly carry, comfortable to cast with the split, low profile EVA grips, but with enough power in the mid-section to punch out lures a long way into the surf. The X45 construction really does seem to cut down on blank twist and wobble and casts punch out smoothly and effortlessly putting less shock on your knots and leaders.


  Another active style of beach fishing the 902 M Sensor Sandstorm is perfect for is wandering along a gutter with a lightly weighted big bait.  Once again it offers the combination of comfort and portability with the strength to handle a decent fish required for this sort of fishing.  

When pier fishing the combining of the high volume fibre carbon and X45 construction gives you the feel to know what’s happening on the end of your line, like the sensitive bite of a whiting or trevally, but the strength to lift fish up onto a pier or rock structure. One of my favourite angling pursuits when I was young was fishing piers for big silver trevally and the 902 M Sensor Sandstorm would be perfect for this application.


The 902 M Sensor Sandstorm is also an attractive looking piece of equipment that breaks down into two pieces of ease of travel. So if you’re looking to feel the sand between your toes and do some light surf fishing make sure you check out the Daiwa 902 M Sensor Sandstorm.

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