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Product Focus: Tournament Spike 53SP - Spiking Golden Perch

Written by Andrew Badullovich. I had a hunch the tournament spike 53SP would be deadly on the inland natives, but I was gobsmacked when I found out first hand just how effective they actually were! The tournament spike has made its mark as a killer bream lure; however, it certainly isn’t restricted to the silver wolves of our coastal rivers and lakes.

I recently embarked on a fishing journey with some friends and family to Windamere Dam. Windamere is located near Mudgee in mid-west NSW, and is famous for its population of big Golden Perch. Our goal, to strike gold…or in my case – to spike gold!


The majority of our crew opted to use lures that were more “traditionally” accepted among the Golden Perch angling fraternity; nevertheless, I was quietly confident that my choice to employ the “spike” was going to hit pay dirt!

The TS53SP dives to around 2m in depth and suspends down deep, which is important when tempting native species such as golden perch. I simply cast my lure tight to rocky points and step banks, then cranked it down and allowed the lure to suspend. It was often hit on the pause; however, a lot of strikes came as I commenced the retrieve after the lure had been stationary for up to 10 seconds.

There were many fish caught over the weekend, but the spike accounted for the majority. And it wasn’t just me who caught the majority…my mates raided my tackle box in search of my spike collection after seeing how effective they were. I don’t think there was “one” spike left in my tackle tray at one stage, as they were all out on parade…and catching fish!


Needless to say, my mates and family members will be hitting the tackle stores to stock up on the new-found Golden Perch weapon…the tournament spike 53SP. In particular, my young Nephew who cracked a thumping 4.2kg fish on a spike, which was the best for the weekend.

My best colours for the weekend were:

Black Sniper & Ghost Brown, but Midnight Trout and Matt Shad also worked well for my mates and family.

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