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DAIWA PRODUCT FOCUS: Sticky Sharp! Saq Sas treble hooks By Andrew Badullovich

There are a few explanations why a full blooded strike fails to convert to a hook-up; nonetheless, one of the most common reasons would come down to blunt hooks. More to the point (pardon the pun) inadequate hooks!

The Saq Sas treble hooks from Daiwa are awesome, and rarely miss. They are sticky sharp (meaning – they will stick into whatever they come into contact with) and generally penetrate well, even on the most tentative of enquiries. The SaqSas hooks are fine gauge, and are protected by an anti-corrosive coating which enhances the longevity of the point and barb. This is a handy feature, particularly during fishing tournaments when every bite counts. When a fish hits the landing net and is barely pinned by the lip or foul-hooked in the cheek, you know the hook has done its job.


SaqSas come standard on all the light-tackle lures; such as the presso rolling crank, and you can purchase replacement hooks when needed. One thing I have noticed with the light gauge SaqSas hooks is they can be easily damaged when digging them out of a fish’s mouth with a set of pliers. Care needs to be taken when de-hooking. Other hooks may handle brute force; however, I doubt those other hooks will obtain the same “bite – to – hook up” ratio as the SaqSas!


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