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Bait caster equipment is not something that has generally been a preferred weapon of choice. Until my relocation to the Far North last year spinning gear has always been adequate, even for the odd sweetwater trip. Sure I used bait casters from time to time but I never felt it was a necessity.

Since moving to Cairns most aspects of my fishing has changed – Species, locations, tackle, line class and also just as importantly the style of equipment. Over all the years chasing Bream and Bass on light spin tackle, having a spin combo in my hand has become second nature and there’s no doubt I could still get away with using my heavier spin gear for some of the species I’ve been chasing up here such as the Mangrove Jack and Barramundi. Knowing the some of the benefits of using bait cast equipment, I’ve pushed myself beyond my comfort zone to focus on developing that skill.


After a couple of weeks flicking with an old bait cast outfit I’ve had for a number of years, I thought it was time to step it up and got my hands on a couple of the Tatula bait cast rods and reels. The minute I took them out of the box, I knew that it was a good decision. If aesthetics are your thing these reels are hot, especially the Type-R with the anodised red spool. The Tatula reels pack in all the trick Daiwa features such as the T-wing system, Digigear, 6kg Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD) and the silky smooth feel every time you crank the handle. What really grabbed my attention with these reels though was when I was down at the creek. To be fair, my bait casting skills with my old equipment were novice and it wasn’t long after I’d made the necessary Magforce Z and spool tension adjustments before I was casting and pitching lures under overhung mangroves with confidence.

Magforce Z is Daiwa’s latest magnetic anti-backlash technology that allows the user 20 different adjustments to magnetically control backlash, for the novice angler this can be the difference between a fishing session and an “untangle the birds nest session”. The Magforce Z adjustments can be made quickly between casts and will be sure to enhance the experience for the novice or seasoned angler.

Using these outfits for a couple of months now, I’d happily recommend the Tatula as a reasonably priced combo that feature all the goodies you expect from Daiwa.

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