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Over the four decades that I’ve enjoyed spending some time at the beach, chasing a variety of species ranging from tailor to mulloway, I’ve also been on the lookout for the perfect surf rod. Thankfully, the bad old days when I used a heavy, solid glass rod have long gone and there have been plenty of other rods along the way. Some good, others not so good.

In more recent years I’ve had the pleasure of putting a number of Daiwa surf rods through some rigorous testing and can confidently say the company is getting things right when it comes to rods for beach or rock fishing. One of the latest (and greatest) is the Sensor Sandstorm.

Daiwa Landsape Watermark @10100

Recently, I’ve been giving the Sandstorm 106MH I very serious work out along my local rocks and beaches. Teamed up with a Basia 25QD and 20lb J-Braid, the new rod has dealt with a string of tailor, salmon, bonito, mulloway, bream and sharks. One particular lure casting session from a protected beach corner was actually the most intense tailor fishing I’ve ever experienced. I struck it lucky that morning, with instant hook ups on every single cast and this just kept on going until I was too exhausted to cast anymore!

So what are the stand out points of the new Sandstorm? For me, the first thing is casting distance. With 20lb braid and an average 30 to 45 gram lure, the distance achievable is verging on outrageous and definitely the furthest I’ve ever cast in practical fishing terms.

Daiwa Landsape Watermark @1000

Comfort is the next factor. The Sandstorm balances perfectly with a 4000 or 4500 size reel and feels great in the hand when casting, fighting fish or simply waiting for a bite. The distance from the rod butt to reel seat, low profile EVA grips and action of the HVF X45 blank also translates into direct and powerful hook ups when lure casting or bait fishing.

Guide spacings are spot on and well suited to either braid or nylon mono. The overall design and light weight of the Sandstorm means it’s ideal for a broad spectrum of bait and lure fishing techniques from the rocks or beach, at a surprisingly affordable price point.

Yes, I’ve given praise to various Daiwa surf rods before, but this one really takes the cake. This is my favourite Daiwa product of 2016.


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