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DAIWA PRODUCT FOCUS: Tropical Flats fishing with EVO braid. by Mark Gerkovich

Dawia’s new EVO braid is an 8 ply weave braid that is amazingly smooth, supple and seriously thin for the breaking strain stated. When you need the finesse of a light line, but more strength than you would usually get from such a fine diameter, reach for EVO    One example of where the EVO was the perfect match for an angling scenario was tropical flats fishing. Drifting around the shallow tropical flats of the Whitsunday islands, flicking soft plastics at the wide variety of fish that inhabit the area, was a true delight …. particularly for someone used to doing such things in much cooler latitudes. However that “wide variety of fish” available did prove to be a problem. In the shallow clear waters you still wanted a small, natural, stealthy presentation of the lure to be able to fool the fish.


Being able to fish comfortably, effectively and make long casts was also important and helped by using light tackle rods and reels. Yet with the range of things that would swallow that small plastic, from whiting to dart, up to big trevally and queenfish and not to mention exotic speedsters like bonefish and permit, the back-up of a little extra pulling power was important. Gearing up for such a scenario 20lb EVO braid would seemingly sound way too heavy for the leaders, jig heads and plastics used. However it fished/felt just like using the 4/6lb line that one would usually use on the types of outfits we were using. (2000/2500 style reels on 2-5kg rods.) Knot-ability was great and fraying and fading hasn’t been a major issue after over 6mths hard use. So next time you are in the tropics, pull out the light tackle and hit the flats with the EVO braid for some serious fun.

Versatile EVO

Two blogs I’ve written recently have exalted the versatility of a couple of the rods and reels in the expansive and magnificent Dawia range, check out   and However there was a little something else that contributed to the versatility of these outfits…the EVO braid that was fished through them. Well there’s a saying the only thing connected between you and the fish is your line and the versatility of these outfits was definitely accentuated by the versatility of the EVO braid. EVO braid is an 8 ply weave braid that is amazingly smooth, supple and seriously thin for the breaking strain stated. (And it is great to have the PE ratings and the kg/lb ratings stated) If you find yourself in an angling scenario that requires a step up in strength with the breaking strain of the line but not in tackle size that you desire or need to use, then EVO is the specialist line that is the answer to your problem.


Some examples of such could be medium to deep plastic fishing for bream or pinky snapper where there is a very good chance of big snapper or mulloway bycatch, or just simply targeting these larger species by such a method. Tropical flats fishing where stealth is important, but what jumps on can seriously pull. Trout fishing where there is a possibility of some serious XOS hook jaws showing up on. Long casting off the shoreline where the small diameter helps with distance but you still need some pulling power. Fishing lures bream lures hard to gnarly structure… even more so if you are in jack country as well. Any specialist applications where you need a medium to light lure, cast on medium light tackle, but with that extra pulling power, reach for EVO braid, you won’t be disappointed.

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