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Demand Respect, Be a Commander!

Commander, ‘a person in authority, especially over a body of troops or a military operation’. Unless your in the boat yelling drill commands like a crazy drill sargent, the later part of the defintion probably does not really fit the bill.

But the first part is a different story, ‘a person in authority’, clearly defines the realm in which an confident angler puts himself in when targetting a species. We are the apex predetor, confidence is the key and this resenates strongly in the gear that you choose.

In order to win you must dominate! I have owed a 641MMHFB TD Commander, affectionately known as “Tough Ombre”, for no longer than a month, but from the outset, call it a placebo effect but I felt like I was in charge, the boss, completely dominanate of the species I were targetting.


Since moving to Central Queensland it has been a lean period targetting barra for myself. Having just moved from North Queensland the differing fishing conditions had my confidence shot and my head in a bit of a spin. But with this rod in my hand I felt confident that with my knowledge, I could find the correct pieces of the puzzle to string a few barra together.

A rod at this length is perfect for targetting fish in the middle to lower end of the water coloum. Up here in CQ, soft vibes particularly Threadybusters are the ducks nuts and lure of choose. The length ensures a long cast and the medium to heavy action is perfect for correctly working soft vibes without sacrificing pulling power to peel barra out of their timber or rock cubby house.

In the wake of TC Marcia the flood plains were full and the run off fishing in the Fitzroy River is rated as second to none. Looking for key indicators like coke stained water, gives pefect cover for predetors to launch an ambush on small flood plain bait fish. Vibing the mouth of a coke kissed feeder creek proved the trick and without any doubt, the TD Commander dominated a few CQ barramundi.


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