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Posted 27th October 2023

Five Tips for Mulloway

Five Tips for Mulloway
Five Tips for Mulloway

By Nabeel Issa

Picture the thrill of reeling in a silver ghost beneath the sun-drenched skies of Southeast Queensland. Mulloway, also known as jewfish, offer an exciting challenge for anglers in these waters. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice, mastering the art of mulloway fishing requires a blend of knowledge, strategy, and a bit of angler's intuition. Let's dive into the five crucial elements that will elevate your chances of landing these elusive giants.

1. Location - Unveiling the Underwater Hideouts

Locating the ideal spot is the first hurdle in the pursuit of mulloway success. Here's what to look for:

* Depth: Aim for the sweet spot between 8 to 15 meters.

* Structure: Think big – bridge pylons, wrecks, rock bars. Try to imagine where a school of fifty big jewfish would seek shelter and go there!

* Current: Choose spots with a strong, steady flow. Mulloway love a bit of movement!

2. Tide - Cracking the Code

Navigating the tides can be perplexing, and apart from the obvious run in or run out tide, the below are some good factors to consider.

* Water Clarity: Opt for clean water with green tinges to blues.

* Water Temperature: Early in the season, focus on run-in tides for warmer waters.

* Tide Movement: Sometimes, a slowing tide in deep water makes it easier to get your lure down to the schools.

3. Gear - The Right Tools for the Job

Investing in quality gear is non-negotiable for tackling these formidable fighters.

I keep a range of spin and baitcast set ups with me, plus a good mix of lures.

* Spinning Setup: A 7ft rod, 4-8kg rating paired with a 4000-sized reel. I recommend the Daiwa Tatula XT rod with a 4000 Daiwa Revelry MQ, spooled with 15-20lb braid and a leader of 20-30lb.

* Baitcasting Setup: Opt for a 7ft 5-9kg model in the Tatula range matched with a Daiwa Tatulion HD. I have mine spooled with 30lb J-Braid and 30lb J-Thread leader.

* Lures: The Bait Junkie 5" Jerkshad in a natural color, like the new Kipper, on a ½ ounce Bait Junkie Jighead with a 5/0 hook is a deadly setup.

4. Electronics - The Eyes Below the Surface

Equipping your boat with advanced technology significantly enhances your chances. Locating schools of jew is near impossible without side scan sonar and I use it religiously. Learning how to understand what your sounder is showing you is a much needed skill for jewie fishing. If you get the chance to add FFS (Forward facing sonar) to your boat, it will elevate your chances even greater! 

5. Weather - Nature's Influence on Your Success

Finally, the weather plays a crucial role. Aim for light winds up to 10 knots from the S/SE direction. Cloud cover during these conditions seems to trigger better bites. Avoid northerly winds, especially if they're over 10 knots, as it tends to shut down the bite and the fish will move on pretty quick. 

Master these five areas and you are well on your way to mulloway success!

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