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Getting a feel… Black Label V2 701ULXS – Andrew Badullovich

I can generally establish the applicable use for a particular rod within the first instance of picking it up from the rack. A wiggle of the tip – a few simulated underhand casts…you know what I’m talking about. We’re all guilty of it, and will generally have a specific application picked out for that particular rod in hand in no time!

The moment I grasped the BL V2 701ULXS, my first thought were crank-baiting bream. This rod felt light in hand, and comfortable with that sexy rear end, consisting of Daiwa’s Surround Hold reel seat and quality cork grips. I’m a sucker for cork grips, and I’m particularly fond of the spilt-butt “skeleton style” assembly. Of course: I carried out my ritual of simulated casts and tip-wiggling on dry-dock, but could not wait to hit the water and crank a few bream.

BL V2 701ULXS 01

I have run fluorocarbon and braided fishing lines through the BL’s Fuji Sic guides, and have discovered that the rod is suited for both line types. Even though I have been using (and appreciating) the heightened sensitivity of Daiwa’s AGS technology on rods such as; TD battler and Commander, I was still more than impressed with the sensitivity and “feel” that I received through the BL V2 701ULXS. I find it just perfect at 7’ long with a line rating of 1-3kg. Any longer and it would lose sensitivity, and heavier and it would lose its finesse.

BL V2 701ULXS 04

Primarily, I have been using this stick for cranking the flats; however, I have also rejoiced in the rods ability to crank deep edges along rock-bars and channel edges. The blank conveys an extra fast taper, which is ideal for cast trajectory and hook-setting power. I have also noticed that fellow Daiwa pro-staffer, Jesse Rotin, used this particular rod for crank-baiting in a recent bream tournament…which evidently secured him the number one finish in the non-boater’s category!



The BL V2 701ULXS is a well-priced performer with looks to die for…and certainly one of my favourite bream sticks. 😉

BL V2 701ULXS 03

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