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How to Catch Bream on Bait Junkies

By Grayson Fong

Selecting the right Bait Junkie soft plastic for the right situation can be a daunting task for the most seasoned angler as so many ideas can run through your mind at one time. Keeping a simple mindset on your colours and the depth in which you will be fishing your plastic, can allow you hit the water in confidence and turn a normally quiet fishing session into a fruitful one.


The two ideal plastics in the Bait Junkie range for bream fishing are the 2.5’ Grub and the 2.5’ Minnow with both being developed to be fished with a myriad of jighead sizes and weights depending on the waterway being fished. The colour range is quite extensive for the 2.5’ Grub with 15 different colours to choose from which has all your bases covered when fishing in either dirty or clean water. The UV element is what makes these baits stand out as it is more likely to catch the eye of feeding bream. The 2.5’ Minnow boasts an impressive 18 colour choice which helps you ‘match the hatch’ when trying to mimic baitfish that bream may feed on in the waterway you are fishing. Again the UV component gives the bait some boldness when being retrieved often catching the eye of the most fussiest bream.

Simple Colour Choice

After fishing the Bait Junkie baits since their inception, my absolute favourite for bream has to be Bloodworm UV in both the 2’5’ grub and minnow.  It’s natural transparent colour is ideal for clear water breaming whether fishing it tight against structure or when out on open flats. It’s transparency may seem like a disadvantage when fishing dirtier waters but this is where it’s UV attributes really punches through allowing it to stand out in some of the poorest water clarity.

My next choices are Motor Oil UV and Pearl Watermelon UV as their brightness in the water acts as a beacon to bream especially as they tend to feed in packs of 4-5 at a time and believe it or not, the multiple bites you sometimes feel when fishing for bream often isn’t one fish but several fighting over your lure.

For dirty waters, I find it hard to go past Yabbie UV as the orange glow permeates through the water making it irresistible to bream on the search for food.  

Weigh It Up

Here is my simple 4 step approach to fishing Bait Junkie Plastics when chasing bream (Note all refers to using a size 1 hook):

  1. 1/20th oz Hidden weight jighead for waters SHALLOWER than 4ft and LITTLE current flow.
  1. 1/16th oz Standard jighead for waters SHALLOWER than 4ft with MODERATE current flow. 
  1. 1/12th oz Standard jighead for waters DEEPER than 4ft and LITTLE current flow. 
  1. 1/8th oz Standard jighead for waters DEEPER than 4ft and MODERATE current flow.

There is always exceptions and personal choices that will not fit this simple formula, as this is a good starting point for any breaming beginners wanting to use soft plastics to expand their horizons

Get Out There

Armed with this little guide, you should be one step closer to finding success on using Bait Junkie soft plastics for chasing bream. Don’t be afraid to try other colours in the range as all the colours have an application in Australian waterways and who knows you might just find your favourite in no time! Happy fishing.


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