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How to Catch Longtail Tuna- 5 Must Have Tips

By Nabeel Issa

One of the most exciting fish to target, but can also be one of the most frustrating! Longtail Tuna are a favourite of mine here in South East Queensland and here are a few tips to help convert some bites on those days where nothing seems to be working!

1. Be Quiet!

Move slow and be patient. Sudden changes in motor noise and speed can put the schools down very quickly. If you can be patient and slowly hover around the school, they will get comfortable and before you know it will be busting up within easy casting range of the boat.

2. Mix up the Lure Size

Sometimes if they are feeding on tiny bait, you may need to switch to a similar sized lure. On occasion though, going the opposite way and presenting a larger lure can sometimes trigger a bite. Mix it up, don’t get stuck with one particular lure, especially if it’s not working.

3. Beware the Tax Man!

If the sharks are around, you will struggle to land fish. I try to keep an eye on the sounder for them and if they start to show, move! Sometimes it can be hard to escape, but some days moving to a different school of fish will make a big difference and give you a shot at landing a fish before its bit in half!

4. Cast Ahead

When casting at schools, always try to cast ahead of the school, in the direction they are feeding. This gives your lure a good chance of being seen.

5. Spring Has Sprung

Lastly, when planning a trip, aim for spring tides. More water movement definitely helps when chasing these pelagics.


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