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How to Clean Your Reel- Daiwa Tech Tips

So there's a lot of questions about how to clean your reels that we get in the service room quite often. I know a lot of people use their hose after they finish or dip it in the sink or even take it the shower. Sounds all great, but there is a proper way to do it. So today I'll run you through how to do a spin reel and also a bait caster reel.

Having A Spray

So there's different ways of doing it. What I suggest is using a spray bottle with a bit of warm water, no soap, none of that. And then what you do is tighten down your drag like so. Hold the reel to the side and you want to spray quite evenly all over the reel. Just so you saturate the whole reel, break down all the salt after a day of fishing. Also a good technique for people that use their reels in fresh water.

Then what you do, you let it sit, have a quick wind of it. You want to wind it up so you get that spool up a little bit. You want to spray just lightly. You don't want a forceful spray where it can intrude to any places because all that's going to do is just push the salt further in.

Have a Drag

So after you've done that, make sure your drag is tight like I've said. Then you get a rag, a clean one and you give a good wipe down. The main reason why we suggest spraying it instead of hosing it is we don't want the force of water to push any further dirt or salt into the reel. So this is a good way to do it. So give it a good wipe.

And then there's always going to be spots where you can't get into like this one here under the spool. So what you do after you've done that, hold it by reel seat and you just want to shake it out. Just make sure you don't drop the reel. Shake it out a couple of times. And then that should do. People do use Inox and so on. We don't recommend spraying any of that sealant directly onto the reel. If you do want to use it, please do spray it on a clean rag and just give a good wipe down because that'll give it a nice coat thoroughly all over the reel instead of actually once again forcing more dirt and salt in. Once that's done, you let it sit in a cool place and let it dry.


So baitcaster is a big bit different because the spore is very exposed to the internals of the reel. So what do you want to do, same thing time the drag down, just as general practice, and then light mist of water like so. Then same thing. Give it a good wipe down all over reel. It's a lot easier with these ones because they're a lot smaller. Once you've done that, give it a quick wind and then let it sit in a cool place.

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