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Impoundment Fishing Gear Guide

If you're looking to snag yourself some Bass, Yellow Belly, Barra or Murray Cod at your local dam, read on!

Recommended Rod: TD Zero

A seamless blend of technology and value, TD Zero continues to ride the wave of innovation delivering ultimate performance to Australian anglers. With all new Fuji stainless steel and titanium guides, new lightweight durable material and all new models and actions, TD Zero offers the ultimate in light tackle performance blended with stylish Zero elegance.

Recommended Reel: Tatula 100

Tailor-made for small hands and anglers who like a low profile reel that fits seamlessly in their palm. The Tatula's new lightweight, low profile frame optimises balance and performance without losing strength and rigidity. Designed with versatility in mind and fitted with Daiwa's newest and most advanced baitcaster technologies.

Recommended Line: J-Family

With J-Braid and J-Thread, Daiwa set out to create the world's best range of line and leader! Made in Japan to ensure maximum quality, performance and durability. For the strong smooth cast that lasts... look no further.

Recommended Lure: Steez Spinnerbait

It all starts with a thin tapered wire and thin premium tandem Colorado & willow leaf blades. Thinner blades turn more easily, and therefore can be worked slower than many others. The thin tapered wire vibrates more, to increase the pulsing action of the bait underwater. Hand tied skirts mean there is no rubber band to deteriorate over time, meaning your skirt will stay perfect for the life of the lure. A premium SaqSas hook penetrates easily, ensuring solid hook-ups.

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