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J-Braid – Street Fighter Strong – Josh Carpenter

#BeAStrongfighter Its great to finally be able to reveal what we have been testing for a while now, the new J-Braid. Now I’m not known as a big braid user and I have written more than a few blogs on how much I love the BRAVE fluorocarbon but when it comes to braid I am actually very fussy.

As with everything I use or write about price is a major factor to be taken into consideration. When somebody says “X product is. better than Y product” my thoughts usually turn to “……….. yeah, but X costs four times as much and is only marginally better”. I’m always looking for high performance at a reasonable price and J-Braid certainly seems to fit that profile.

So far I have used it quite rigorously for two applications, 10lb for launching lures off the rocks for Salmon and Tailor and the 6lb for the entirety of this seasons Brown Trout spawn run on the Eucumbene River and in both instances it has performed flawlessly.

Streetfighter strong 01

Straight off the spool it feels like any other high quality braid but its not going to dent the wallet like others might. Like any other braid I feel like they get better once they are “worn in” and both strengths did that well.

Streetfighter strong 02

The measuring stick for me by which all other braids are judged is the good old Daiwa TD Sensor and after using J-Braid for a while now I would rate it as better. TD Sensor has never let me down and I’m sure J-Braid won’t either. The kicker here is the price, it is going to be one of the best value for money braids I even know of.

Streetfighter strong 03

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