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Kingfish, Snapper & Mixed Reef Species | Gear Guide

If you're looking to snag yourself some Kingfish, Snapper or mixed reef species then read on!

Recommended Rod: Saltist X

Rigorously designed and tested and loaded with the pedigree and features that have made the Saltist name famous. Featuring composite graphite and Braiding X technology, enhancing strength and performance.

Recommended Reel: Eliminator (6500-8000)

Designed to excel and built to perform, the Eliminator integrates many of Daiwa's most innovative designs and technologies including Digigear and Air Rotor and blends them with proven designs and features to create a reel that has few peers when it comes to spin reel excellence.

Recommended Line: J-Family

With J-Braid and J-Thread, Daiwa set out to create the world's best range of line and leader! Made in Japan to ensure maximum quality, performance and durability. For the strong smooth cast that lasts... look no further.

Tactical View Reel Covers & Lure Covers

Ensure your fishing tackle has maximum protection during transport and from the elements with Tactical View Real & Lure covers!

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