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No Excess Baggage: Procargo SS4500 – Andrew Badullovich

The Procargo is the perfect balance between power and finesse. The first time I used it for a spot of beach fishing; I got the feeling that this reel would be very versatile and cover a range of situations. For a large reel, it’s ridiculously light and sensitive, and this is put down to Daiwa’s Air Rotor and Zaion construction. There is also an apparent reduction of unneeded clutter on the reel. This “reduced baggage” also helps keep the reel light with a futuristic appeal.

When I was searching for an affordable surf reel, I needed something that would cope with the odd splash of saltwater and the occasional blasting of sand. The Procargo is practically corrosion resistant with its Zaion construction and Mag Sealed inners. It also boasts Ultimate Tournament Drag, which operates as smooth as silk at any setting. I really admire the Procargo’s long-cast spool. The line literally flies off the spool during a cast, which provides amazing distance. It’s not always necessary to cast long distances when surf fishing; however, there are times when you will need to project a lure or bait to those fish that are holding well back from the gutters that run close to shore.

procargo 1

I typically target bream, whiting, salmon and tailor with 10lb braid from the surf; however, I do plan on chasing a few sharks in the future – where I’ll require a heavier line class. Larger diameter lines will chew up the line capacity on most reels quickly; however, the Procargo’s spool holds around 250m of 50lb braid which more than coverers my needs. It is comforting knowing that this reel has the drag capacity (12kg) and line capacity to handle beastly fish, whilst remaining light enough to chase smaller “Bread and Butter’ species.

I’ve been using the Procargo for surf fishing for around 12 months now, and can’t fault it. One small feature that I’m fond of is the oversize line clip on the spool. It’s not an overly important feature; however, it’s “big finger” friendly…and testament to Daiwa’s attention to even the smallest of details. The Procargo would be right at home on the stones too, where I’m confident it would easily knock over most wash-dwelling thugs; such as, Snapper, kingfish, drummer and groper. In fact: that just gave me an idea….

procargo 4

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