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PE and Braid 101- Daiwa Tech Tips

When it comes to line, there are two main types, single fiber line, such as monofilament and fluorocarbon, and multifiber or multifilament lines such as braid and PE. When it comes to these multifilament lines, there are many different types, with braid, PE and fused three of the most popular.

Multi Fibres

Regardless of what they're called, they're essentially all made from the same thing; gel-spun polyethylene, with Dyneema and Spectra two of the most popular materials over the years. Daiwa, of course, released a new material Izanas with the release of J-Braid Grand. Braid, PE and fused can be split into different categories, and essentially it's done on the number of fibers, or they carrier a rating, with four, eight and 12 three of the most popular.

The Fab Four

Four strand is the entry-level option and the most economical choice. A nice round profile, it's very abrasion-resistant and perfect for using on spin and baitcaster tackle.

Is Eight Enough?

The step-up from four, of course, is to eight, and while a touch more expensive, it does bring a lot more benefits. Smoother, thinner and more sensitive, it also casts much better. Suitable for both spin and baitcaster, it's the great all-rounder. A little tip for baitcaster fans using eight-strand PE; make sure you don't go too thin. Anything thinner than PE 0.8 or 1.0 may give you some issues with the line digging in on the spool.

The Mighty Dozen

From eight we move up to 12, and we are definitely going to the top shelf here. While a lot more expensive than eight and of course four, it does have many benefits and some shortcomings. 12 strand is great to fish with; it's very thin, highly sensitive and casts incredibly well. However, it's not as abrasion-resistant as four and eight. It's also not ideal for baitcaster, and is best suited to spin tackle. So the question is, when would you use 12? Well, when you need an ultra-thin line, such as deep-jigging, or when you're fishing ultralight bait for bream or for bass.

So there we are guys, a brief rundown on the different types of PE, and when to use them, and what to use them for.

If you wanna know more from the Daiwa range jump onto our line section on our website.

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