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Pre Spawn Presso and TD Minnow Silent – Josh carpenter

April and May are when the temperature quickly cools off but that fires up the most epic run of Brown Trout seen in Australia. Just before this happens and for a little while after they move into the rivers the feed voraciously putting on condition.

When they enter the rivers they are fighting fit and carry a lot of weight, a few weeks later they are shadows of themselves looking skinny and grey with sores on their tails and undersides. This period of gorging on food in preparation is great for both boat and landbased anglers looking to tangle with some big Brown Trout.

Usually they gather within the first few kilometres of the river they are going to run up and anywhere that holds food will have hungry fish. The Presso Minnow has been a staple for many years and now with its new colours and the addition of a “mute” brother the TD Silent Minnow they will both make a big splash in the next few weeks on lakes like Eucumbene and Tantangara.


Both lures cast well which means you can cover plenty of water giving you maximum exposure to cruising fish. Some people prefer a slow roll, some adding twitches and periods of pause but I have had luck with something a little different as well which works especially well with the suspending TD Silent Minnow.

Cast it as far as you can, wind it down a little and then give it as big a “rip” you can. Now I mean BIG, point the rod at the lure and give it an almighty crack….. and then just let it sit there. 5 seconds, 10 seconds sometimes even longer. Usually the lure gets crushed as soon as you start winding again. The idea is that the trout sense (but not necessarily see) the huge “rip” from a long way away and swim towards the source, then when you start again it all happens. Give it a try with the new TD Silent Minnow for the pre spawn Trout this year.

For more information TD Minnow Silent click here.

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