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Presso Rolling Crank: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Andrew Badullovich

Ask any avid bream angler of the easiest way to catch bream, and they’ll be quick to tell you that rolling crank-baits is a sure bet. Whether you are working shallow running crank-baits upon the flats, or crashing deeper diving cranks down a rock bar into the darkness…the technique and retrieve doesn’t differ too much. Because crank-baits are commonly round in profile, they generally swim with an enticing action that really gets the bream fired up! The great thing about crank-baiting is there is no real need to work or twitch the lure…you just simply crank it under a steady and slow retrieve. I’m not too sure what the crank-bait is supposed to resemble; however, I do know that bream love them and will generally climb onto a crank-bait with gusto!

I’ve used nearly every crank-bait on the market, and most of them are great bream catchers; nonetheless, there are a handful of cranks out there that will produce fish on a more regular basis than others.

Presso Rolling Crank 01

The Daiwa Rolling Presso Crank is one such lure that has been a stand-out performer for me of late. One great attribute of the PRC is its size. The PRC measures 32mm, which sets it aside from the majority of its larger competitors. The PRC is weighted correctly for maximum cast distance, which means the finesse fishos will have no trouble casting these lures on straight through fluoro. There are two models, (shallow and deep) and come in all the tried and true bream catching colours.

Presso Rolling Crank 03

Bream can have a tendency to swipe at the lure when crank-baiting, which often results in a feeble hook-set. Pulling hooks on a fish can be common dilemma when crank-baiting if the fish are tentative. Daiwa have recognised this and have delivered the PRC with Saq Sas treble hooks as standard; which for me has ultimately reduced the amount of lost fish. The Saq Sas treble hooks are plated to eliminate corrosion, keeping the hook points sharper for longer. Trust me, these hooks are sticky sharp, and when they smack into a bream’s lip or cheek…they stick in and stay there! They are a fine gauge hook which also ensures maximum penetration on the strike. I have had the odd “Beastly” bream destroy the occasional Saq Sas treble; but this said, there isn’t a single brand of bream treble on the market that doesn’t receive a pounding from time to time…that is why most tackle companies supply packets of spare trebles. The good news is, Daiwa also supplies packs of replacement Saq Sas trebles in various sizes to suit your needs.

Presso Rolling Crank 05


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