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PRODUCT FOCUS: Dancing with Wolves. Silver Wolf Yuudai 762LFS Interline – Andrew Badullovich

I have always been a fan of interline rods. If you’re not sure what interline rods are: in a nutshell, they’re a guideless rod, and your fishing line runs through the centre of the rod blank. There is one lightweight guide to course the line through the centre of the blank, and one small guide insert within the tip. The technology that goes into crafting an interline rod is nothing short of amazing, and it’s my belief that interline rods are far superior to the conventional “guided” rod.

There are many benefits to using an interline rod. Firstly, they are lighter than most other rods and boast great blank recovery during a cast. Interline rods possess a “true” curve when bent or loaded on a fish, as there are no extreme pivotal points from guides that typically place stress and pressure on your line and the blank itself. This enables you to use lighter line, and fish it at its maximum breaking strain with confidence. Interline rods are tangle-free as there are no guides or tip for your line to wrap around; and because there are no guides, your cast distance is enhanced with minimum effort! This is a great feature if you fish from a kayak, or wade the flats.

Silverwolf spin_762-I_03

Daiwa have produced some fantastic interline rods over the years, but none more exciting than the new, Silver Wolf breed. The silver Wolf rod and reel range have been intensively designed to suit most popular bream-fishing tactics, and each rod within the range has their own “technique specific” purpose. One rod that I have enjoyed using is the Yuudai, which has been crafted to suit the shallow flats bream angler. Yes, it’s an interline…and I love it! I have matched this rod with the Silver Wolf 2004 reel which I’ve spooled with 2lb finesse brave FC line, and it performs as well as any “high-end” combo that I have used. Cast distances is great, the rod loads nicely on the strike to set the hooks, and the reel drag is silky smooth when you need it most. It’s very exciting knowing that this rod has been designed specifically for this application, and it’s also comforting knowing that some of the best bream anglers in Australia contributed their input towards engineering the Silver Wolf range. It takes all the guess work out of selecting a rod and reel combo. Simply purchase the combo that suits your style, and start fishing for bream with confidence.

Whether you’re a tournament angler, bream fishing enthusiast, or just venturing into the bream fishing scene and demand the best gear possible – Silver Wolf will have you covered with class!

If you’re a flats fishing junkie like I am, and love crank-baiting the shallows…then be sure to check out the Yuudai.

Silverwolf spin_762-I_01


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