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PRODUCT FOCUS: Flats Raiden. Silver Wolf RAIDEN Rod – Andrew Badullovich

Casting surface lures across the flats is an exciting and productive way to chase bream. Surface lures are often the only choice for me when targeting bream on the flats due to the shallow water I typically prospect. This style of fishing is extremely visual, with some of the takes resulting in spectacular surface eruptions followed by sustained and spirited battles! A surface lure’s action will call fish from quite a distance to investigate: and because most of the action can be seen, you’re able to determine the correct retrieve in order to get that fish to strike. The key dynamic to success when surface fishing is to impart the necessary action into the lure, and you’ll need a specific rod to do this.

I have been using the new Silver Wolf RAIDEN for surface fishing the flats, and it does everything I need it to do. It’s light, responsive, sensitive and crisp. I can get my surface walkers zig-zagging with the slightest of rod-tip movements, and bloop cup faced poppers with ease. Being able to manipulate a lure correctly is often the difference between a follow from a curious bream or a full blooded strike, and this rod certainly has the goods!

Silver Wolf Raiden Rod 03


Interestingly enough, the rod has a regular bending action. I wouldn’t ordinarily associate this style of rod with working surface lures; however, the rod manages to snap the lures to life whilst remain soft enough to endure those sizzling surges from the flats dwelling bream. At 7’4” in length and a cast weight of 1-7 grams, this puppy can fire all your typical breaming surface lures with ease. The Raiden has a line rating of 1-4kg, so it has the necessary muscle to not only work heavier lures, but also bears the strength to control the nastiest of bream. Whether you wade the flats or fish from a boat, this stick is a top-water weapon!

One awesome feature that this rod conveys is the low-end two piece assembly. This is so handy if you become tip-wrapped when wading the flats. It can be hard to reach the tip sometimes with a one piece rod of this length; however, being able to separate the rod close to the fore grip allows you to hold the reel and butt assembly under your arm while you manage a tip tangle with minimal drama.

When the Silver Wolf rods are matched with the Silver Wolf reels, they certainly are serious eye candy. More so, they are balanced correctly and complement each other well in performance and aesthetics. The RAIDEN is suited to both braided and monofilament lines, and I just love the fact that this rod is purpose built for top-water action.

Silver Wolf Raiden Rod 01


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