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Product Review- Certate LT

By Grayson Fong

Over the years the Certate has set the benchmark for light to medium sized spin reels. Built strong, good looking, and a dream to fish with the Certate has been a favourite for many, including me, since it was first introduced.

With the introduction of the LT range in 2018, Daiwa have again mastered the range to suit all types of fishing. From the shallow spooled 2500S for the light game specialists to the super high speed 5000D-XH for the offshore anglers the Certate LT is a reel that has many bases covered.

I have been fortunate to use the midsized 3000D-C for the last few years and again it has been a reel that hasn’t disappointed. My fishing is predominately bream, bass, flathead and squire and I have found the 3000D-C a perfect size, covering all my bases. Plenty of drag when needed, plus a compact body (Deep Spool-Compact) making it ideal to match to a variety of different rods.

I have chosen to run 8lb J-Braid Grand which has also allowed me to switch leader size with ease from 4lb when chasing bream to 16lb when throwing heavy spoons for deep schooling bass.

Another outstanding feature for the 3000D-C is the 10kg of drag which is ample pressure for all my light game applications and gives me the option to use it for chasing bigger fish in the future with a mere change of braid mainline or spool.  

The Certate LT is not only one for the purists but also for anyone who appreciates a reel that is light, durable and performs stunningly well. Many anglers new to the price point level may baulk at the price but trust me, if you chose to take the punt, you won’t be disappointed!

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