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Product Review- Alphas SV TW

By Simon Goldsmith

Few Daiwa finesse baitcaster have the reputation of the Alphas name. First introduced to anglers in 2006 with the release of the purple Alphas 103 the Daiwa line-up has seen many variants of the Alphas over the years, each delivering a slight or significant variation or evolution from the models that came before.

Alphas SV TW, is a quantum leap forward from the initial Alphas JDM release in the mid 2000’s and is a finesse baitcaster that’s equal parts homage to its original predecessor and equal parts cutting-edge low-profile baitcaster design and performance.

Let’s bust it open and take a look at how the Alphas SV TW is made and how it performs. 

The Nuts and Bolts

* Model: Alphas SV TW 800

* Weight: 160g

* Line Capacity: 14lb/80m (Mono/Fluro)

* Body Material: Alloy

* Drag: 4.5kg

* Bearing Count: 7 + 1 roller bearing

* Spool: SV Concept

* Cast Control: Magforce Air Brake

Alphas SV TW is significantly different than the models before it. The redesign begins with a new frame and side plates, with the both the body and gear side plates made from alloy while the non-gear/handle side plate is made from composite material.

Hold This for Me

In the hand the new Alphas is comfortable and a dream to hold, with the non-gear side plate no longer housing the cast control dial on the outside of the side plate but instead is now located under the bottom edge of the side plate.  

What Are You Made Of?

Mechanically the new Alphas welcomes a list of new features and technologies with the most noticeable being the TWS (aka T-Wing System) levelwind. First introduced to the Daiwa range in 2011 with the release of the T3, TWS has been introduced to a few baitcaster reel line-ups over the years, including Steez and Zillion, and now has finally been added to the popular Alphas family.

An evolution of a round line guide traditionally used on baitcaster, despite what conservative old school baitcasters fans and naysayers may say TWS offers a huge leap forward in casting distance and performance.  

A pivoting T-shaped line guide TWS improves line flow, reduces line friction, allows for greater spool rotational balance and simply makes casting easier and allows you to cast further. The Alphas’s T-Wing is a downsized version of those found in larger 100/150/200-sized baitcasters, fits perfectly in the small Alphas and is a dream to use. What’s not to love about that?

Hitting Hyperdrive

Internal component wise the new Alphas features one of Daiwa newest baitcaster design concepts, Hyperdrive Design Concept. A multi prong design concept Hyperdrive features four key elements. Let’s look at what they are and what they do.

Hyperdrive Digigear- an evolution of baitcaster gear design, the result is smoother and stronger gears with a 60% increase in gear durability.

Hyper Armed Housing- a redesigned reel frame and side plate results in a reel that holds everything in perfect alignment for enhanced smoothness and function.

Hyper Tough Clutch- a redesigned thumb bar design improves thumb bar and clutch function.

Double Support- improved pinion gear support design helps extend gear life and increase cranking power under load.

These four Hyperdrive Design elements combine and create a baitcaster reel that’s a step up in design, performance and durability.

Under the Hood

The Alphas SV TW’s list of features under the hood don’t end there with many of Daiwa’s other performance focused baitcaster technologies upping the ante for the Alphas.   

The Alphas’ Zero Adjuster eliminates the need for the you to have to tinker with the spool tension knob to get the reel’s casting performance dialled in, while a SV Spool and Magforce Air Brake combine to deliver best ever casting performance for the Alphas.

The SV Spool is designed and tuned for ultimate casting versatility and performance (light, medium and heavy weights), while Air Brake is Daiwa’s go-to casting control system for ultra-light baits. If finesse is your jam and you want to cast feather light lures then Air Brake is the thing for you. 

An 85mm aluminium Swept Handle delivers in looks and function. A Swept Handle is a must on baitcasters, especially small baitcasters, with a swept handle bringing the hand position of the handle closer to the centre point of the reel to maximise reel and rotational balance and enhance cranking power and feel.

What’s It For

So the question that many people may have is where does the new Alphas SV TW sit in the Daiwa baitcaster line-up and what is it best used for.

The original and early Alphas variants slotted into the baitcaster range as a high performance, high to mid-price range reel suited for light to mid weighted lures. If you were an Aussie bass or estuary angler the Alphas was one of your go-to reels. Baitcaster reels designed for casting light lures were few and far between and the ones that did exist often struggled when the baits got super light.

Designs and technologies have evolved and advanced over time, and especially since the first Alphas was released in 2006, and today we’re blessed with some truly stunning finesse baitcasters. From the high-end Steez CT SV TW through to our Alphas SV TW it’s never been a better time than now to be a finesse baitcaster fan.

But I still haven’t answer the question what would I use the Alphas SV TW for. I’ll use it for quite a few different things. I’ll spool it with 10lb J-Braid Grand, match it to a Rebellion 652LFB and throw 60 or 75mm Double Clutches, a TD Commander 681MLB Pixzilla and throw small cranks, or up the line to 15lb Grand, match it to a Rebellion 681MRB and throw mid-sized cranks, topwaters, and even spinnerbaits.

The later would be the upper limit of what I’d use the Alphas for. While the reel is, and performs as an allrounder, where it really stands out and shows is true prowess is as a finesse reel.

An iconic reel in the Daiwa baitcaster range the Alphas is a reel that had stood the test of time and continued to evolve with successive generations and is as impressive today as it’s ever been. If you’ve had an Alphas in the past then you’ve got to try the new SV TW version. I guarantee it’s going to wow you. If you’ve never had an Alphas in the past then now is the time to change that and the new Alphas SV TW is the perfect place to start your Alphas journey.  

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