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Product Review: Daiwa Double Clutch

I know I probably sound like a broken record, but the tried and trusted Daiwa Double Clutch is still my favourite lure for black bream in Victoria. This is especially true if I’m fishing the flats in one of the many estuary systems throughout the state. But I’m not the only one who praises the Double Clutch. Its a hugely successful bream lure in Tassie, and the trout fisho’s in the west of the state love it for those big lake trout.


The Double Clutch is designed as a suspending jerkbait, and while it can be slow rolled and even trolled, it really shines when it’s ripped and paused on the retrieve. And while I do love using these on the flats they are also super easy and successful to twitch around timber, rocks and weed beds. I've also used them successfully for bass, yellowbelly, flathead, tailor, and EP’s.

Along with its great casting distance, it’s suspending ability would also have to be one of its best attributes, and a key to its success. It is balanced so finely, that it suspends level, and looks super realistic.

As stated earlier, my favourite way to fish these for bream is on the flats and the depth of the flat I am fishing will dictate which DC I will use. In water 1.2m and shallower, I’ll tend to use the 60mm model, and for water 1.2m to 1.8m I’ll use the 75mm version. For flats work I prefer to have the lure hitting the bottom if I can, but if it’s a weedy bottom, I’m prefer to have it working just above the bottom.

Retrieve is a simple, rip, rip, pause. Don’t over think it. Vary your pause length. The key is to cover ground and find active fish. I’ve found long casts and the pause to be really important when chasing bream on the flats. Get as much distance between you and the lure and you will end up with better results.

The Double Clutch is available in, 60mm, 75mm, 95mm and the new 115mm version, and with a ridiculous amount of colour options it’s a lure that ticks many boxes and has many bases covered. Make sure you check them out in your nearest tackle store!

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