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Posted 31th May 2023

Product Review: Double Clutch 75SR

Product Review: Double Clutch 75SR
Product Review: Double Clutch 75SR

By Darren Weda

It’s been a long time coming, but well worth the wait. The new shallow running

Double Clutch 75SR), making this range even more well rounded and versatile for us light tackle anglers.

Jerkbaits work. They really do work extremely well, and I think in general it's because they are such great wounded baitfish or prawn imitations, and that means that most opportunistic predatory species just can’t resist them. Add to that the suspending nature of the Double Clutches and they really are deadly on bream, flathead, EP’s, bass, barra and trout.

Some people think jerkbaits are hard to fish, but once you get some confidence in the “rip rip pause” technique, they are a very effect lure, and now with the new 75mm shallow Double Clutch added to the stable, we can target fish in most depths and scenarios.

The standard 60mm and 75mm Double Clutches have always been my go-to lure for fishing estuary flats and weed beds, generally using the 75mm for targeting that 1.5m zone, and the 60mm for the 1.2m zone.

Trying to fish anything shallower was always a bit of a challenge, having to high stick the rod and still try impart action on the jerkbait.

So when I heard the news of the new 75mm Shallow Double Clutch, myself and plenty of other estuary lure fishermen were pretty damn excited!

The lure itself is 75mm long. 4.4g, and has a maximum running depth of just under 1m. Like all the Double clutch lures, it has the patented S-GOS (Silent Gravity Oscillation System) system present, which is what give the double clutch lures their unique darting action. Ten great colours to choose from, with my personal favourites being ghost wakasagi and ghost perch.

I’ve been finding great success fishing the 75 SR over shallow sand flats, even as shallow as 20cm, where the lure can be twitched and will dig into the sand, kicking up puffs of sand, then followed by a good pause.
 Or another option scenario I’ve found them particularly good is over weed beds and weed flats where the top of the weed is around around the 1m mark in depth. Here a long cast, and a rip rip pause retrieve allows anything living in the weed to track and ambush the lure not far from cover.

Pro Tip: Need a slightly more subtle retrieve? Then try twitching the lure on a slack line, and not as much of a ripping motion. The slack line takes a bit out of the rip action and allows the lure to move more subtly, and also not as far.

Remember, mixing retrieves up through the day and or location will always help get best results.

In stores now, the new SR DC 75mm, is certainly one to have in the tackle box for a plethora of species.

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